Hormone therapy involves taking hormones, such as estrogen or testosterone, to help balance your body's natural hormone levels. Hormone therapy can be administered in various ways, including pills, patches, creams, and injections.

Hormone Therapy for Women's Sexual Wellness

If you are a woman experiencing sexual issues such as vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, or decreased libido, you are not alone. Various factors, including menopause, childbirth, and certain medications, can cause these issues.

How Hormone Therapy Can Help

Hormone therapy (HT) is a treatment option that can help alleviate some of these sexual issues by balancing the body's natural hormone levels. Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced by the endocrine glands and are responsible for regulating various bodily functions, including sexual wellness. HT involves taking medications that contain estrogen and progesterone to supplement the hormones that your body may no longer produce in sufficient amounts. This can help to improve vaginal lubrication, reduce pain during intercourse, and increase sexual desire.

There are two main types of hormone therapy: estrogen therapy and combination therapy.

Estrogen therapy involves the use of estrogen alone, while combination therapy involves the use of both estrogen and progestin. The type of hormone therapy recommended for you will depend on your needs and medical history.

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Benefits of Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy can help alleviate symptoms of menopause, such as:

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Mood swings

It can also improve sexual wellness by increasing vaginal lubrication and enhancing sexual desire. Hormone therapy may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and colorectal cancer.

Choosing the Right Hormone Therapy

When choosing the right hormone therapy for women's sexual wellness, several factors must be considered. Here are some essential things to keep in mind:


The first thing to consider is what symptoms you're experiencing. Are you dealing with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, or mood swings? Different hormone therapies may be more effective for various symptoms.

Health History

Your health history is another critical factor to consider. For example, if you have a history of breast cancer, you may need to avoid certain types of hormone therapy.


Your age can also impact which hormone therapy is right for you. Women closer to menopause may benefit more from estrogen therapy, while women further away from menopause may need a combination of estrogen and progesterone.


Your lifestyle is another important consideration. For example, if you're a smoker, you may need to avoid certain types of hormone therapy.


Finally, cost is another factor to consider. Hormone therapy can be expensive, so discuss the cost of different treatments with your healthcare provider and insurance company.

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Why Choose St. Pete Medical Group for Hormone Therapy for Women?

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